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October 16, 2019 - Never give up!

I have owed you an update for quite awhile now, and I apologize that it has taken so long to do so.  As I'm sure you've noticed, there are still a lot of pages that haven't been updated yet. In fact, the entire site needs to be finished.  You probably thought I abandoned my site like so many others have.  I can assure you, I have not thrown in the towel.  

Then what's the hold up, you ask?  Well, it's a bit complicated, so I'll only bore you with the highlights.  Many of you know I have an ongoing battle with my health.  One aspect of that is a terrible lack of concentration, headaches and even some vision issues.  Unfortunately, that makes working on my site difficult at times. 

My healthcare team believes they can get me better, but how long that will take is anyone's guess.  It's already taking far longer than I want, believe me.  But I haven't given up.  And I promise, I won't.  Not unless something unforeseen happens, and if it does, God forbid, I won't just abandon everything, I will let everyone know.  But the outlook is good, if slow.  Please bear with me.  I'll update our Facebook page and this section when I am able to work on things again. 

If you don't give up on me, I promise, I won't give up either! NEVER GIVE UP!

Jan 30, 2017 - Just a couple things

Just a few things to update today.  We're still hard at work transferring everything over to this new site.  It's a time consuming task, taking longer than we thought it would, please be patient with us.

During this period, if you click on a page and it asks you for a password, have no fear, we aren't restricting anyone from any of our content.  That prompt just means it's a page that's currently a work in progress, so it's temporarily down and will be functioning again in the near future (without a password prompt!), please check back soon. 

Also, as you are surfing our site/pages, if you see an image with a watermark on it (ie: eBay or seller marks), consider it a "place holder" of sorts.  We aren't trying to steal anyone's images without permission, we just post it as a way of showing you what pictures are out there on Jack, and will (hopefully) eventually be replaced with a good, clean copy.  If you are a collector, you know that it takes time to collect everything out there.  Even all these years later, we are STILL finding images we never saw before.  Jack had to be the most photographed celebrity in the 80s!  LOL!  But that's good news.  Even Tenafly Guy doesn't have every image out there, but we're working on it.  So let's collect together, shall we? Now, if someone could speak to the powers that be, and see to it that I win the lotto, I'll make sure to buy up all the pictures that I can find out there and share them with the world! LOL!  Thanks for being loyal followers of our site. We do appreciate all of you!

Jan 7, 2017 - Browser issue and the calendar!

I can't believe I have to say this but apparently we are having browser issues.  I had hoped we'd be done with that problem once we switched to Wix.  Apparently not.  It appears that the best browsers for viewing the site and saving/printing images are Firefox, Safari and Explorer.  We have had issues reported with Google Chrome.  The site looks wonky with Chrome, and images are a little harder to save/print.  Wix claims they are working on it.  In the meantime, I'd suggest using a different browser.  I love Firefox but it's just a personal preference.

I have always said that the images on my site are for everyone to enjoy, to download and print at will. I want all of this content in the hands of the fans, free of charge.  Unless something unforeseen happens (and I can't imagine what that could be), I never plan to change that policy.  If you find you can't save/print images from my site, please send me a note and let me know, and I will do my best to get it fixed for you. 

Also, the 2017 calendar is up and ready for printing!  Check our calendar page under "Fun Stuff."  Enjoy!

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