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You don't know Jack Hexum!

Memorial for Jack

One of the most beautiful men to ever grace Hollywood in the 1980's was Jon-Erik "Jack" Hexum.  With stunning Norwegian good looks, piercing crystal blue eyes, chiseled jawline and body builder physique, you couldn't help but notice him.

One of the most photographed celebrities of the era, he was the star of TV shows such as Voyagers!, Hotel and Cover Up, and movies such as The Making Of A Male Model and The Bear.  He was slated to be the next big action hero, a handsome young star on the rise. 








Sadly, his career lasted only 2 years, when his life was tragically cut short at the tender young age of 26, by an accident with a prop gun while filming an episode of Cover Up.  Yet Jon-Erik left a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of those that were lucky enough to know him in person, as well as the fans that loved him onscreen.


Jon-Erik gave the ultimate sacrifice to donate his organs, and several lives were saved because of his final precious gift.  He was cremated, and his ashes scattered over the Pacific Ocean.

Now, 32 years after his death, his friends, fans and TenaflyGuy.com raised the money to create a memorial for him in his name, in a beautiful cemetery located near his final home in Burbank, California: Pierce Brother's Valhalla Cemetery.

I went to the cemetery to view the plaque, and got video of it!  Hope you enjoy it, and if you watch part two, you'll see a really neat bonus!

 Part One:


Part Two


While we were there, we had to go on a little walkabout.


Shh.  Be vewy vewy qwiet.


 And just for fun, we'll show you our blooper reel, where a neighbor had to tell us how bad those trees really were:


Hope you enjoyed it.  A great big thank you goes out to everyone that donated, to make this dream a reality!  Jack deserves this, he really does. Now the world will have a place to go and pay their respects to this REMARKABLE man!

Another big thank you to my silent partner, for doing the legwork, making sure all our ducks were in a row, and basically listening to me as I tried to put this fundraiser together.  You're awesome, and one day I will buy you that drink to thank you for your help. You're the BEST!!

One last huge thank you to my handsome husband, Max. Yeah, that's really him in the video, he was the one filming this for us.  He's such a good sport. We owe him one!



Pierce Brothers Valhalla Cemetery

10621 Victory Blvd.

N. Hollywood, CA  91606