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Kay Dillon (Joan Collins), a successful modeling agent, meets the young and handsome ranch hand Tyler Burnett (Jon-Erik Hexum) in Nevada.  She can't help but notice his incredible good looks and invites him to move to New York and start working for her as a male model.

Burnett accepts the invitation and goes to New York to start his modeling career.  But Tyler longs for more in life: a woman to love and his own ranch. 

Can he remain the biggest male model in the industry, and still get his heart's desires?  Is Kay the woman to give all that to him? Guess you'll just have to watch the movie to find out!



*Thanks to Miss Margarita for finding this great picture for us! 







The Making of a Male Model aired on October 9, 1983 on ABC Television, and became one of 1983’s most successful TV movies.  How could it not be?  It had a stellar cast, with Jack and Joan Collins, and featuring Jeff Conaway, Ted McGinley, Kevin McCarthey, Roxie Roker, and Artie Johnson. 

While critics universally panned the movie, they praised Jack for his acting chops.  This was known as "The Year of the Hunk," and Jack sure fit that role superbly.  As Kay Dillon says in the movie:  "What it all adds up to is a return to that good old American  commodity known as lust.  Only this time it's turned around with the accent on you men.  Low down........but high tone.  Heated........but harmless. Lust."  I think we need another year of the hunk, don't you?


During the shooting of the movie, Joan predicted that the tabloids would be declaring that they were a couple, and she was right. 

To quote Jack:  "So we all got in the limousine. I was in my tux, and the cameras were going like crazy.  Joan smiled and said, 'We're going to be in the papers.'  Boom!  Next week, cover!"




He loved to play cat and mouse with the reporters, when asked if there was a romance between them, he answered no, but added, "That's not to say there never will be."

Can you see him saying that with a smirk, and a twinkle in those crystal blue eyes?




 Read Amanda's blog!

Our friend Amanda from the Made for TV Mahem website did a wonderful blog on The Making of a Male Model, go check it out:

Made for TV Mayhem - Male Model Blog

I love what she wrote to summarize the movie:   "This film is fantastically fun. It’s high energy from the opening frame and pulls out all the stops when it comes to G-L-A-M-O-U-R! Check out the costume party which features Collin’s rack as the star attraction! There’s coke snorting, fashion shoots, models dumping champagne on each other, big hair, even bigger pecs, sex and lots of fun."



Gotta love that!  It's pure 80s cheese, and it's fabulous!  So grab the crackers and a bottle of wine to go with the cheese, transport yourself back to the 80s, and enjoy!

Thanks to LBColby on YouTube, they posted the entire movie for your viewing pleasure, and thanks to them, we can post it Here for you.  For any fan of Jack's, this is a MUST SEE.



Fabulous Photos!

One of the best parts of the movie is the photos that came from it.  In my honest opinion, they are some of the best ever taken of Jack.  Thanks to VoyagerG's hard work, we have a great Male Model album in our photo section, go take a peek.  But since you can never look at too many pictures of Jack, I'll post a few here just for fun.  Won't you drool with me? 


The photos from Tyler's portfolio


All right, show of hands, who swooned when they did the makeover and turned him around in that chair to face the camera?  How could you not? And in that scene, that "thing" he does with his eyes, holy crap.  Can you imagine that look being turned on you?

                                     The Fever Commercial Shoot

Who could forget the glorious Fever Commercial? It's the best part of the movie! 

Tyler contemplates the bottle

(and we ignore the obnoxious shape of it, tell me that was an accident!)




They tell him to enjoy the way that it smells and how it feels against his skin.







Go ahead, Tyler, massage it into that chiseled jawline and perfectly sculpted chest.  Take your time, we'll wait. 





She'll be unable to resist you.  Fever?  More like spontaneous human combustion!




"Try it, and let her get the fever." 

He flubs the line…more than once… but that's okay. He got it out of his system.   







 He tries it again, and this time he has it perfect.







He turns to the camera, and slowly grazes your body with a smoldering look, as if he's undressing you with his eyes. 

"Try it......and let her catch the Fever!"




How many pairs of underwear do you suppose went up in flames at that point in the movie?  Millions?  


Talk about a hunk of burning love!

Tyler does one last Fever commercial before he rides off into the sunset. Does he get his happy ending?  We sure hope so!

Thanks to the lovely Voyager G for the screen caps she made from the movie and shared with us!

Oh no, he did-int!

Tyler is a good ole boy from Nevada* He's not quite accustomed to the way they do things in the Big Apple, in the sordid world of modeling.  Kay sets him up for his first photography session, and hands him a tuxedo to put on.  "Where?" He asks, with nary a dressing room in sight.  "Right over there!" She answers impatiently.  "You don't have to be embarrassed."  Tyler is clearly uncomfortable.  "But I'm not wearing anything underneath!" 

Wait.  Hold everything.  Stop the presses.  Did he just admit to going commando?   Faint

All jokes aside, this is one of the scenes that Jack gave us a peek at what kind of actor he was becoming, and proved that, if given the chance, he could've been one of the greatest actors of his generation.  In this scene, you really feel for Tyler, you can actually sense just how uncomfortable he is having his naked body on display for God and everyone to see.  It wasn't an extensive scene, it lasted only a few moments at best, yet Jack was able to perfectly convey that emotion to the audience in that brief time.  Bravo, Jack!

* Just to be clear, it's pronounced "Ne-VAA-da," not "Nu-VAH-da." That's something that Nevada residents are sticklers for. If you pronounce it wrong, then it's clear you are just a tourist. Yes, Jack said it wrong in the movie.  But with gorgeous blue eyes like that, we'll forgive him!  


Some of the best professional shots taken of Jack were ones used in the movie.  We've recently come upon new photos, the ones that were tossed across the desk in the beginning of the movie.  They were quite the find!  But there are more out there.  Let's hope they surface, because when they do, we'll post them here for you.  The ones in this section are just smaller shots, you'll find the larger ones in the photo album section of the site.  Here are a few of my favorites.


Who can resist a cowboy with a smile like that?


Just a simple sweater and Jeans, yet Jack can wear it like nobody's business.


 Dayum!  Corporate never looked so good!



Polo anyone?


 Or Tennis perhaps?



Some people aren't too keen on the fur coat.  I never would've thought of it until I saw it on Jack.  But you have to admit, the photography is outstanding.  And Jack looks incredible, as usual (does he ever take a bad pic?  Okay, Voyager G, I know, no fake-bake Wesson Oil!)  Look at it this way: you can always take the coat off and lay it down.......

Would someone turn on the air conditioner?  It just got really warm in here!



Do you suppose he won a few fights with that sweet, innocent face? It would've worked on me.  No question!


 These are my very favorite shots from the movie.


That black fur coat, those black leather pants, open just enough to tantalize the hell out of you. Delicious!