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Have you ever just wished you could talk to Jack?  Just ask his opinion on all different subjects?  Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control (and beyond his most of all), that's not possible.  As much as we wish it was.

The next best thing is the articles/interviews he did over the course of his career.  But have you found you've read so many articles by now that, if you wanted to recall a quote, you'd be darned if you could remember which article it was, and where it was located? 

Well, wonder no longer.  We've done the footwork for you.  We have gone through many interviews, in both print as well as from TV, and grouped his quotes together by subject.  Alas!  It's so much easier this way!

We have grouped things into two categories, all you need to do is click on one and be taken right where you want to go.

Jack talks about his personal life

Jack talks about his career and other celebrities