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Hotel, based on Arthur Hailey's 1965 novel, debuted on television on September 21, 1983.  The series was produced by Aaron Spelling (and what show in the 80s WASN'T produced by Spelling?) and was set in the elegant St. Gregory Hotel in San Francisco.  It was along the same theme as other shows in that era, easily described as Love Boat without the bikinis, or the laughs.  Maybe a cross between Love Boat and Dynasty, without the bitchiness and cat fights.

Each episode followed both the activities of the various hotel guests, as well as the personal lives of the hotel staff.  Which was pretty much the same premise as Love Boat.  Hmm.  Was 80s television really that predictable, and I was too young to notice it? Unfortunately, the answer is probably yes.  Because I loved Hotel back then, and who didn't? How could you go wrong with a cast like the handsome, suave James Brolin, and the beautiful Connie Sellecca?  And the classic Anne Baxter as the rich aristocrat/hotel owner Victoria Cabot? Unfortunately, Hotel never reached the same ratings as shows like Dallas and Dynasty.  But they did do one thing right during their 5 year run: they had Jack as a guest star.

Aw, would you look at that smile?

Where was I?  That smile makes me forget where I'm going with my story.  Oh yeah.  Hotel.   Flirty 2

The Tomorrows episode aired January 11, 1984.  It was basically a modern Cinderella story, handsome Prince Erik checks into the St. Gregory Hotel without a date for tomorrow night's ball. That seems impossible to fathom, but we'll roll with it. Princes are busy men! Winky


While shopping for flowers for Mrs. Cabot, he meets a beautiful mystery woman, Kathleen Shea, played by the lovely Emma Samms, and invites her to be his date at the ball. 


What he doesn't know is that she's an exchange student from Ireland, employed as a maid for an ungrateful employer, who deems that it would be inappropriate for Kathleen to attend the ball.  Kathleen almost doesn't attend, until Mrs. Cabot, acting as the proverbial Fairy Godmother, tells her that one thing they don't do at the St. Gregory is disappoint royalty.  She loans Kathleen the ball gown and the bracelet (which will be the "glass slipper" of the story) and she does, indeed, go to the ball.


He looks mighty bored, doesn't he? Well that immediately changes when Kathleen arrives and she's fashionably late!



I won't ruin the ending for you, in case you haven't seen it yet, but of course, it ends happily, in the same way shows like Love Boat did in that era, everything was tied up in a neat bow by the end of the episode.  Perhaps you can guess? Winky 2


I tell you, some days I miss the simpler days of television, when you felt good inside as the credits rolled.


Check out our Hotel Photo Album with over 600 screencaps by VoyagerG!

I know there are fans that have never seen the show, and that's about to change.  I found out our dear friend Bluecanvas transferred the clips of Jon's scenes to YouTube for everyone to see.  How cool is that?  He took the videos from the newly released first season of Hotel on DVD, so the quality is really good.  Sit back and enjoy a simple romance, from the days when TV was a nice distraction from the stresses of life, in an era where no one knew what Reality TV was. Watch Hotel!

His Look of Love: A music video tribute to Prince Eric by: VoyagerG.


Over his brief career, Jack played a few very different characters: Swashbuckling hero Phineas Bogg, tough Green Beret Mac Harper and cowboy Tyler Burnett.  But I have to confess that I really adore Prince Erik.  I know I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, which is probably a good thing since I am an aspiring romance writer. But this was just such a sweet love story, and what little girl didn't have dreams of marrying a prince and living happily ever after in his castle?  That is, until all those dreams were dashed to smithereens by the likes of Prince Charles's antics, but I digress.  Purple Smiles

I loved when Prince Erik tells Kathleen that he has a stirring in his heart that he's never known before.  Okay, cheesy line, I admit, but coming out of that handsome face, spoken in that deep bass voice, yeah, I swooned.

By the time he says, "I want the morning to come when I awake to find you lying beside me," I have a heart attack.  Bring on the smelling salts! Faint

On a whole, I refuse to talk about Jack's love life here on the website, for several reasons.  Let's forget the fact that it's none of our damned business in the first place.  But I think it's a waste of time speculating on who he did or didn't date.  In my opinion, I think a lot of what you saw in the magazines was done for publicity.  And, I'm pretty sure quite a few of the stories out there now are not exactly gospel truth.  I like to think that Jack had more class than to kiss and tell the world who he spent his free time with. 

It was rumored that he dated Emma Samms, heck, you can find all kinds of pictures of them together in various times of Jack's life, it sure seemed to be the truth.  But regardless of whether there was a romance between them or not, you can tell by their pictures that they were, indeed, fond of each other, if only as good friends.  And God bless Emma for showing quite a bit of class and being discreet about the intimate details of their relationship for all these years.  Bravo. 

Leaving that aside, and going by looks alone, they made a very striking couple, onscreen or off:



Hey, you know what?  Whatever made him happy.  Hollywood can be a brutal place for a young man far away from home, it's nice to think that he had some great friends that always stood by him.

Now I have to say, as cute as Emma was, and her character Kathleen was adorable in this episode, I never understood Kathleen's hairstyle.

My best friend in high school wore her hair like that in that era, I never got why you'd style all your hair back, in a big pouf, like a football helmet, with the bangs curled forward.  I have school pics of her like that. 

Weird, weird hairdo.


Now, did your heart break when she dashed away, and he was left holding that bracelet while the crowd called out for a speech?  If so, then Jack did his job right. 

Yeah, yeah, I felt it too. I told you I was a hopeless romantic! 


Let's have some trivia.  Did you guys recognize Prince Erik's butler?  Emmett Saunders?

He was played by George Lazenby, the only man to play James Bond just once, in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

How many of you looked at the daughter of Kathleen's employer (she's in the light colored dress):      


And saw this??










 Don't believe me?  Watch it again.  You'll see it, especially when she's being a whiny, spoiled brat.