Tenafly Guy

You don't know Jack Hexum!



You can take the boy out of Jersey, plop him down in the middle of Hollywood and make a star out of him, but you'll never be able to take the Jersey out of the boy.  Jack was well known for having fun, being silly, and being an all around happy guy.  He was a big kid inside.  On this page we'd like to show you that side of Jack, The Goofy Guy from Tenafly!

Clowning around with his Voyagers! costar, Meeno Peluce 

The friendship Jack had with Meeno translated onto the screen, it was easy to see that the two of them were close.  One needs only to pay attention to certain scenes in Voyagers! to see the pride in Jack's eyes when he would look at Meeno.  Some could argue that it was just acting, and while we all agree that Jack could've become an amazing actor if he'd been given the chance, that isn't what you see in those moments.  It wasn't Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce acting a scene as Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones.  They'd both slip out of character for a mere "blink and you miss it" second, and in that instant you see two friends who cared deeply for each other.  Just Jack and Meeno, a kid who's family saw a young man far from home and family, and took him into their lives and loved him. 



 Oof! That looks painful!



"He loved an audience," Meeno said.  "He was a fun-loving individual who liked to show off, but with good-hearted mirth.  He was always laughing, we were always laughing.  In an era of hunks, he was such a genuine guy, warm-hearted, funny, outgoing, self-effacing, that you couldn't help but be won over by him."     





"He and I had a crush on the same girl, a tour guide at Universal.  We spent a lot of time filming on the back lot, and the tours would come by and watch us film a scene, then go on.  And a lot of times we would jump onto the trams and conduct the tour.  We both chased her, but I don't think either of us won her heart."




         Personally, I would've LOVED to have seen this as the official press image for Voyagers!



This photo always looks to me like Jack is trying to hide Meeno's face with the newspaper.  To steal the spotlight, perhaps? 

All in good fun, of course!                                   














With that adorable face, he can be forgiven for trying to steal the spotlight!    



My guess is that NBC was trying to get serious press shots here, but I don't think they succeeded.  Looks to me like Jack is up to something devious in both of them!












Above:  With John Anderson as Abraham Lincoln in The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln episode.

Right:  With Will Kuluva as Louis Pasteur in Voyagers of the Titanic episode.



                         More antics on the set of Voyagers!


Clowning around with Ed Begley Jr. and Donald Petrie as the Wright Brothers, from the pilot episode.   

Is that a growl or a grimace?


Goofy Voyagers! Videos

 Voyagers! El Choclo: By Klaatubes


 Voyagers!: 1…2…3! By VoyagerG


                                          Antics at the piano

It was a well known fact that Jack was an accomplished pianist. And he loved his Yamaha piano passionately.  He would play daily as a form of relaxation.  He was also a big goofball, and couldn't resist clowning around for the cameras any chance he got, even when sitting at the keyboard.


You have to be on alert at all times, you never know who could sneak up on you in the middle of something important, like Claire de Lune! We had a chance to see Jon's excellent piano chops playing 'Piano concerto in A Minor' by Grieg at the end of his PM Magazine interview with his cousin, Eric Paulson. Check it out!

Impressive guns, Jack, but we had no idea that it required so much muscle to play the piano!



Even as a kid he was goofing off at the keyboard! 

And how adorable is this?












Is that Elton John underneath the beard and top hat?

Nah. It's just Jack Hexum!

Pool Fun

Leave it to Jack to find a way to put some fun in a diving competition.  Okay, I'm sure it wasn't a real competition, it was more like a photo shoot, but Jack found a way to have fun anyhow.  And he sure made it look hot, wet is a good color for him! 

You have to take a peek over your shoulder, just to verify that you hold your audience's attention while you do your impressive tricks on the high dive.  Jack, darlin', we couldn't look away if our lives depended on it.  Go for it!  

A handstand on the high dive?  Okay, I'm impressed!  Who wouldn't be?

And while you're at it, did you take a gander at the muscles in them guns?  I'm just sayin'.

You Are Hot







This is definitely the face of a man who knows how to have fun.  Go ahead, jump in with him.  The water's fine!




Oh golly.  Will you look at that smile?  Be still my heart.  Is that a million dollar smile?  A 200 watt smile?  Yeah.  My thoughts exactly.







Now here's where I'm torn.  Looking at this photo, wow.  Just WOW.  Beautiful, star quality there.  But the pictures above are more like, well, like the personal side of Jack to me. 

Even though this gorgeous star takes my breath away, and that's the man I was first attracted to on my TV way back in 1982, I admit freely that the personal Jack is the one that's stolen my heart today.  Totally.


And while we're wet, and at the pool, well, we have to add this pic to the pile.  Look at the bone structure to that face.  The nose, the lips, was there ever a more perfect looking man?  Um NO! 

And that's an emphatic NO!




I love the look on his face in this photo. Mischief for sure, like he's gearing up for a sneak attack.  What do you suppose is his weapon of choice here?  Cannonball?

High  Dive

That 54 Chevy

How could you not love Jack's car?  He couldn't have picked a better car for his cool guy persona, in my opinion.  Oh sure, he could've gone all Hollywood and gotten a brand new Corvette, or some other sports car along those lines, flashy movie star style, he certainly had the bankroll for it.  But that wasn't his style.  Yeah, he was saving up for his production studio, but I don't think that's all of it.  Somehow I see him the same, even after finding great success, ala Steven Speilberg, I doubt he'd blow a ton on a fancy car.  No, that Chevy fit him to a tee.  Check it out:



I just love pics with his face like this.  Natural smile, and he's joking around, as usual.  I'd love to know what he was gesturing to in the picture. 

Perhaps he's calling you to take a ride with him? Can you picture that?  Nice, warm summer day, windows down, breeze in your hair, Coca Cola in one hand, and Jack at the wheel.  Zipping down the freeway, with the radio blasting, and I can see him be-bopping to the beat. 


 Of course, this song HAS to be the song playing:

Speaking of the photos, I get so jazzed when someone digs up a pic of Jack and it's totally candid, we've never seen it before.  You know the ones we all have in our junk drawer: ones of us taking a pic of someone who's taking a pic of us (don't we all have one of those?), a pic of us stuffing our face with something decadent or messy, or in a totally relaxed pose, like hanging out in our backyard.  I want to see those pics of Jack.  Napping on the couch in a pair of old cutoffs and a ratty t-shirt, maybe with bedhead and day old stubble on his cheeks.  Wearing Mickey ears at Disneyland, or eating an ice cream cone on a hot day, chocolate dripping down his arm.  Surely someone that has those pics will see this and volunteer them, right?  Well, hey, I can wish! 

 Maybe, if I wish like they do in the AristoCats, it will come true.  Let's see if I can remember how it goes:

 "First, to make the magic begin, you wiggle your nose, and you tickle your chin. Now close your eyes, and cross your heart, and presto!"  That's how the kittens got breakfast ala cart, but maybe that incantation will work for us, too.  What if we all wish hard, wiggle our noses, tickle our chins, close our eyes and cross our hearts.  And Presto!  All those wishes just HAVE to work, right? LOL!  Wish it was just that easy!


                Seriously, don't make me call Harry Potter.



80s Style

All right, I know what you're going to say, this was not Jack's fault.  He was put in this outfit for a photo shoot.  And I agree.  Back when this picture was taken, his style was all the rage.  I remember dating guys who wore this kind of outfit.  Very 80s, totally.  And yes, it was cool then.  My teenage son looks at my 80s pictures and asks, "What WERE you guys thinking, Mom?"  We were in style along with everyone else.  Would I have dated a guy that looked like this?  You betcha.  In a heartbeat.  Especially if he was Jack! 

And just for the record, I would've gone to Denny's.  I'm sorry, but that broad who complained about it was crazy.  I'd have been happy with a plain hamburger at McDonalds if it meant I could sit across the table from Jack.  I wouldn't even need my own fries.  And sharing a coke could be romantic.  Hey, I'm a simple girl, it doesn't take much to impress me   ~Or the other lovely and 'simple' ladies who help with this site! LOL! Denny's, Jack-in-the box, as long as you're in good company, and I'm sure being with Jack you most definitely were!


    Know what this look reminds me of? 

I call this his Max Headroom look!

                                                                                                   'VoyagerG calls it Hexotron!                                                                                                



How many of you remember Max Headroom?  I know computer animation has grown by astronomical leaps and bounds since the 80s, but when Max appeared on our TV in the Coke commercials, we were impressed.  It was like nothing we'd ever seen before, and he coined a new phrase, "Coke-ologists."  Truthfully, I was (and still am) a Pepsi-ologist, but the commercials were still cool.  And we tuned into the Max Headroom show when it appeared on TV.  It didn't last long, but for the brief time it did, it was the rage.  Max Headroom was "Totally Awesome.  Fer shure!"

You guys may remember the actor who played Max, Matt Fewer, he was on "Honey I Shrunk the Kids," as the neighbor Big Russ Thompson.





Jack's Worst Nightmare - The Rhinestone Cowboy Outfit

Seriously, what were Aaron Spelling and the producers of Male Model thinking when they dressed Jack in this ridiculous outfit?  The beefcake thing I get.  But the fringe and studs?  Looks like The Rhinestone Cowboy on crack. 

What they should've done was just skipped the shirt.  They had him bare chested for a lot of the movie anyhow, one more scene wouldn't have mattered, and they'd have achieved what they wanted to achieve, stud muffin wise.  And those pants.  *sigh*  I can't think straight with those pants.  Winky But I have to hand it to Jack.  He took something so absurd and made it look hot.  Bravo.  Anyone that can pull that off deserves an Oscar.

So here you go, Blue Eyes.  Here's the Oscar you wanted.  You totally earned it!      


At least it wasn't as horrid as this monstrosity. Sickened 

Why don't elephants ride bikes?

Um, Jack? Honey?  I'm thinking that a joke you told in elementary school won't get the same laughs when you're an adult.  I think it's high time for a new joke book.  Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket!  Maybe we can all chip in and get you a new one for Christmas this year!






And elephants don't ride bikes because they don't have a thumb to ring the bell!