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Fun Stuff!

Jack was known as someone who loved to have fun, so we're going to have a page that's packed full of fun things associated to Jack.  We have some very talented friends around the Internet that have created wonderful things for us to enjoy. Thank you, Voyager G, Bluecanvas, Voyager Bogg and Miss Margaret, for sharing you creativity with us! 

 Fantasy movie roles

Jack was taken from us far too soon, long before he could achieve his full acting potential.  But his fans could already see that he was on his way to becoming one of the greatest actors of his generation.  It's fun to speculate about the types of roles he could have done, and envision how different a movie would've been with Jack in the lead role.  Here are some of the ideas his fans have had. (If you see that I credited the wrong artist with the picture, please let me know!)

Bluecanvas's vision of Jack in Avatar



Our little Cowgirl Margaret loves to envision Jack in cowboy roles. Here's her idea for Hidalgo. I confess, I haven't seen Hildalgo, but I already know Jack is far more handsome than Viggo Mortensen!   










Margaret did well when she thought to put Jack in Pirates of the Caribbean

Of course, it makes it all that much more fun because Jack loved Disneyland, and the movie was based on the ride of the same name.  Good thinking, Margaret! 



Voyager Bogg really thought outside the box by putting Jack in Gone With the Wind.  Now I love Clark Gable, but I think Jack could've made a much sweeter Rhett Butler. 

Captain Butler was a notorious scoundrel, and I can picture Jack totally getting into that role, using those flirtatious ice blue eyes, and that charming yet cocky grin of his.  Do you see it? (yes, GWTW was made before Jack was born, but it's still fun to dream, isn't it?)





In Voyagers! we were given an great opportunity to see Phineas Bogg substitute for Robin Hood and save Princess Marion. This is Voyager Bogg's take on Jon in the role the Kevin Costner originated.







Voyager G imagined The Scarlet Pimpernel! I love the coat and the cravat.



Bluecanvas had an amazing idea for Terminator Salvation. I love how he morphed Jack and Sam Worthington with the cyborg's face.  Very well done.


Here is one of my very favorites. Voyager G put Jack in the role of Batman.  Now, it's easy to imagine him as the rich, handsome, powerful Bruce Wayne.  But he'd have made an amazing Batman too.  Can you see those gorgeous baby blues peeking out of the bat mask? 

Well, she managed to put Jack's face underneath the cowl, those are his eyes and great lips. Jack already had that velvety bass voice, he wouldn't have had to try hard to get it to sound menacing.  And it would've sounded far better than that silly gravel that Christian Bale adopted for the role. Rolling Eyes


And here's where Voyager G earns extra points from me: she used the best Joker ever: Jack Nicholson.  He was Joker personified.  Period, end of story.

Don't send me emails telling me how much better Heath Ledger was in the role.  You'll never be able to convince me of that. So save your breath.  Or, rather, keystrokes.


More roles envisioned by Voyager G


Jack always wanted to do Musical Comedies. Before he went to Hollywood he had the chance to act in summer theater and play Johnny Brown in The Unsinkable Molly Brown. As well as a character in the famous Guys and Dolls. But what greater musical comedy lead could Jack play but fun-loving con-man and salesman Harold Hill?

Seventy six trombones led the hit parade!…



It's easy to see Jack in the role of Noah on The Notebook.  Especially the scene where he climbs the ferris wheel to get a date from Allie.  Can you just picture it?  Plus, pairing him with Rachael McAdams would've been adorable.  But who could play the elder Noah? I know!  Paul Newman!






And just think: they wouldn't have had to use contact lenses for Jack, like they did with Ryan Gosling and James Garner.  (James Garner had dark brown eyes, Ryan Gosling had to wear brown contact lenses for the part.  Except for the notorious scene where they forgot to put them in!) 

Another of my very favorites, Jack in the role of Jack Dawson in Titanic.  Oh my. There are no words for how well this would've fit.  And Voyager G really helps us to envision it with the way she put Jack and Rose together so seamlessly in the images. 

Voyager G has a lot of these movie posters in wallpaper size, on her site Voyagers Guidebook.  Go over and take a peek, and reward yourself with some new computer wallpaper!  You deserve it!

Voyagers Guidebook Movie Wish List Album

Bully, Bogg and Buford

This has to be one of the greatest pairings known to man.  Voyager G is brilliant, putting Jeffrey and Bogg with Marty McFly and Doc Brown.  Pitting them against Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen.  Watch the video, it's priceless.  And, okay, I confess, I'm a bit partial: someone I know tossed a suggestion to Voyager G for the ending, and she totally took the idea and ran with it, far better than anything that I could've imagined. 

Even Maxine had to get in on the fun.  Compliments of Voyager G!
Dream Magazine Covers

I am now thoroughly convinced that Voyager G is the magic maker.  I have tossed an idea her way, and she takes it and remakes it into something beyond anything I can picture.  I think I may need to start calling her Willie Wonka or something.   

I tossed out a suggestion that someone needs to make up a People's Sexiest Man Alive cover with Jack on it.  Voyager G took the idea and ran with it.  This is what she came up with. 

Sorry, but this is far better than Ryan Reynolds. Or George Clooney, and I still think if Jack had lived Brad Pitt would be obsolete.  If they'd done these back then, Jack would've had the title, no competition.




Here are some more covers she came up with:


Someone on Facebook said Jack was looking very Donald Trump-ish. Sure, if Trump were hot!  But Person of the Year, yeah, I can see that, totally. 








Can you imagine how many covers of People he would've been on in the course of his career?  I'd like to think he'd hold the record, more than even Princess Diana had.  And Jack's better looking! 

(Note:  This website won't let you edit your picture, the small "e" in Erik was their error, not Voyager G's.)    





All right, since the website had a standard template, I gave it a shot too, and this is what I came up with. 

Again, the small "e" is the site glitch, I did learn simple capitalization in school, honest!





We all know Jack was so beautiful, he was a work of art.  This proves it.  Can you just picture it?  "Yes, Mr. Art Dealer, I'd like this one in a sofa sized print.  Only it's going above my bed, thank you very much!"

Two Visions - One Great Movie

All right, here is more proof that Voyager G is the magic maker.  One of my very favorite movies of all time is Somewhere In Time.  I can't help but watch that and think of Jack, he'd be great in that role.  Now I have never professed to be good at Photo Shop, I hope to be one day, but I did attempt my own Somewhere In Time poster.  And to be truthful, it was bad.  Voyager G and I started to talk about it, she told me to send her what I had, and she'd see what she could do to fix it. And did she, oh boy did she.  Better than I dreamed of, absolute perfection.  And then she did one more, using her own idea for the poster, and I was floored, her idea was incredible too.  So I told her I really wanted to put both posters here for you to enjoy.  Which idea do you like better?


Voyager G's inspiration came from the role itself.  Richard Collier was a playwright, and Voyager G. went along with that theme, picking a picture that has Jack looking a bit more studious. 

Wow. That thought hadn't even crossed my mind when I was sorting through the pictures.  See, that's why she's the brains behind the posters, and not me. LOL!









I make no secret that I'm a hopeless romantic, and you all know it by now.  So my choice for picture was done by pure emotion.  When Richard finds the penny and has to return to 1979, well, it was clear to see that he was lost without Elyse.  He would never be right again until he was reunited with his one true love.  

The original picture that was used here was shot as Jack was walking on the beach, and for me, it fits.  Doomed to wander the earth alone until he can be with her again.  See?  I told you, hopeless romantic, to the core.  And there is no cure for me.  LOL!

Now you know why I call her the magic maker.  Just like Willy Wonka, and to me, she's pure magic, pure imagination.

Take a look and you'll see into your imagination!
Some fun odds and ends

I just love our talented readers, they put together some of the neatest ways to remember Jack, and I wanted to share them with you.  


This is from our friend Stacey Lynn.  Doesn't it look like a really aged photo of Jack? How cool is this?



Voyager G found this vintage picture of Ken, and noticed that it looked just like Jack. 

She's right! I volunteer to be his Barbie Girl!


This is a cool way to imagine our adventurer Phineas Bogg, in space! Hint, this makes great desktop wallpaper!  Also compliments of Stacey Lynn!

More to come!

Stay tuned, we have lots more coming!