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Cover Up: The Tie in Novel (By: VoyagerG)

Posted by KC on April 26, 2012 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (3)

The other day I made a fantastic discovery as I was doing one of my in-depth internet searches. I kid everyone not, I felt all giddy inside and 25 years old again-The age I was when I started all my internet work for Voyagers! and Jon-Erik Hexum.

In 1985 a Cover Up Tie-In novel was published in the UK featuring images of Jon-Erik and Jennifer O'Neill and I happened across a picture of the cover! If i were 9 years old again I would have done a few cartwheels! Once I made a quick check to make sure it wasn't some fan-made image, I quickly searched for any place that sells this book and I found 2!! They are all from the UK, written by Martin Noble for Star Publishers. There are still copies left to be had. I ordered one and really only paid about $10.50 USD. (Shipping included) It's totally worth it! Most people who come to know me online realize that I love Mac Harper as much as I love Phineas Bogg. I learned that the novel is Mac-centric. I would hope so, since he's all over the cover.

This was probably the only book ever produced for that show. To have something so rare in the JEH collection is great. Just like the Voyagers Junior Novel by Claro. One of a kind! And here I was thinking I'm the only one to write Cover Up stories. :D

If anyone would like to order a copy of this book (They are all from the UK at various prices) Go to this link. If you can, ask the seller to send you a picture of the cover, so you know that it's in good condition.


Amazon is also selling this book for around 27.00- 30.00. There are 3 copies available. While that's steep for a paperback, remember this is not something you can always find. Ask the seller to post a pic of their copy.


Jon could have been a CHP. ;D-By VoyagerG

Posted by KC on October 21, 2011 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Hey fans, it's been a while since the last blog post. Life has been pretty busy and up and down for all of us here at Tenafly Guy, but we, and especially KC, are always on top of things around here as much as we can be.

I've been re-igniting my love for the TV show CHiPs and I remembered a great tid-bit that connected to Jon-Erik. When 1981-82 rolled around Jon was a newbie in Hollywood and sometime in early '82 he landed Voyagers. CHiPs was going into its 6th and final season which would last until 1983, and they needed a replacement for the great Larry Wilcox who played Officer Jon Baker.

I can't completely confirm this, but it's been thrown around in some interviews that Jon-Erik was asked to be that replacement and sent a script and he passed on it. Poncharello (Erik Estrada) was the new Senior Officer. The series needed some fresh, younger co-stars for him to show the ropes to.

The character of Bobby 'Hotdog' Nelson was created. A twenty-something, tall, handsome, blonde, of Scandanavian descent. Bobby was also a motorbike racer and a bit of a hot head from Philadelphia. (If I'm wrong on that fact I will correct it. Where are my CHP experts?) But Bobby was an all around good guy. He doesn't seem to be all that popular among avid CHiPs fans, but I really liked him.

The short of it, Jon-Erik passed on the role and it went to actor Tom Reilly. I don't think many will agree with me, no, I KNOW certain fans won't agree with me. Sometimes if you try to make comparisons to Jon-Erik you might as well be asking for a beat down. But seriously, every time I watch season six, I can't help but think that Tom resembles Jon-Erik. You have to watch him in action to see what I mean. It's in the facial expressions, a little bit of body language. You can't see it in these screencaps, but Tom has nice bright blue eyes like Jon-Erik too. He was two years younger than Jon-Erik. And guess what? Tom was born in Kansas, but raised in…New Jersey. I should have known with that Tri-State accent. :) Okay, I'll crawl back in my hole now.


It makes me wonder if the powers that be on CHiPs really hoped to get Jon-Erik for the role and when he turned it down, they decided to find a 'look-a-alike.' I've seen other pictures of Tom Reilly and he has dark hair. If I remember from that last season, you never really saw Officer Nelson without his shirt, because Reilly had loads of dark chest hair!

I have read that over 1800 guys tried out for this role! And it originally went to Bruce Penhall, who instead played Bobby's brother, Bruce Nelson, a cadet in training until he becomes Ponch's partner right near the end. As for the Producers wanting Jon-Erik especially for the role? Well that is conjecture. Major wishful thinking. I just like to put my little spin on things. :P

But I am very glad Jon-Erik held out for Voyagers–even though he almost didn't take that either! Jon's charisma, that luscious bass voice, and gorgeous looks would have overpowered everyone at CHiPs Central. Who knows? Maybe if Jon had taken it, CHiPs might have ran for at least another 3 seasons.

Jon-Erik definitely needed his own series and for a short time he got it, and the chance to prove that he had the stuffing to play a lead character.You just can't put a man like him in the background. Nobody puts Jack in a corner! ;)

Now if only there were a picture of Jon in a CHP uniform! These will have to do. :D

Those CHP uniforms fit the actors like gloves. This outfit Jon wore in the Pilot Episode of Voyagers seemed tailor made too. Now just imagine it's beige with all the CHP trimmings and he's holding a motorcycle helmet! ;D

Petition for a Voyagers! 30th Anniversary DVD re-release - By Voyager G

Posted by KC on July 29, 2011 at 11:08 AM Comments comments (1)

This is a shout-out for all fans of Voyagers and of anyone and anything related to it! If you like time travel-sign it. If you like fun 80's tv, sign it. If you think Jon-Erik Hexum is gorgeous and talented (Which you probably do because you're at this website!)-sign, If you think young Meeno Peluce tips the scales of precocious adorability-sign. All history buffs-Please sign! :D

Give Voyagers! a 30th Anniversary DVD release it deserves. The petition goes into further detail, but to sum it up-while the fans were thrilled to have this show ever on DVD, the studios who put it together left us with nothing extra or supplementary to enjoy. Universal apparently has a reputation for being 'bare bones'. But I've seen other series with even less episodes than Voyagers released by them and it had some extras.

Through the fan work over the decade, we all know how much memorabilia and related media there is to include on this. Just look at the website, Voyagers Guidebook. Even the German language Voyagers! release (through an independent company I've learned) had gotten a far better DVD treatment that included an episode guide and pictures and more. You can read all about the differences here and even download the inserts! (But it's all in German of course) Die Zietreisenden!



Update on the 'United in Death' book-Buyer Beware! - By Voyager G.

Posted by KC on April 4, 2011 at 9:56 PM Comments comments (0)

I meant to write this a while back, so my apologies for my tardiness. I hope not many of the fans ordered this and wasted a good $14.00 or so. On my first post about it someone commented negatively, and then I was given more information by another fan who purchased it. To put it quite simply, this book is a complete rip-off and I smelled that it was a mile away, I just couldn't prove it because I refused to buy it.

Here is what the other JEH fan has to say about it-

Only 15 pages about Jon-Erik and EVERYTHING in this book was taken from wikipedia. I bet some things have even been written by us!! (Us as in, the fans who run websites, like Voyagersguidebook, Tenafly Guy and the Jon-Erik Fan Club websites)

There's one page showing the sources and - no joke - it's all "en.wikipedia.org/......" for every single page! They even printed a description of the movie Summer Lovers that Jon didn't even act in! And a biography of EG Daily…

Apparently the book seemed to have more info on E.G. Daily then Jon. To make it worse, they didn't even change the layout from wikipedia. Talk about a scam.

Final verdict– Why pay for nonsense and gibberish? If you want the best information on Jon-Erik Hexum, visit the JEHFC website, browse around this awesome site, and check out all the great articles on Voyagers Guidebook.

But please,


New Book about Jon-Erik Hexum and Brandon Lee - by Voyager G.

Posted by KC on January 23, 2011 at 3:25 AM Comments comments (2)


Two gorgeous and talented young men, two senseless tragedies that still have fans reeling.

Hot off the presses and published in December 2010, the new book, United in Death by Gun Accident: Brandon Lee and Jon-Erik Hexum by Dakota Stevens.

Having not read this book yet, I can only give you the particulars-It appears to be 88 pages of facts put together. This is how Amazon lists it-

United in Death is a series that showcase celebrities who may not have crossed path when they were alive but unfortunately met a similar death. This book discusses the deaths of Brandon Lee and Jon-Erik Hexum who both passed of self inflicted gun shots. The book focuses on both stars acting careers, their beginnings, and their tragic deaths.

This book was created and put into distribution by a team of dedicated editors using open source and proprietary publishing tools. One of the advantages to the way we publish books is that our content is up to date and written by dedicated subject matter experts from all over the world. By adding a layer of screening and curatorial attention to this material, we are able to offer a book that is relevant, informative and unique.

My guess is open source and proprietary publishing tools=scouring the internet for info. I wonder if they will list all their sources of Information, who knows? This site and voyagersguidebook could be on it. That's cool.

Still, you never know if there will be any new facts in it related to Jon or Brandon's case. When I have more information and have had a chance to read it over, I will make another blog post.

If anyone wants to order the book, you can find it at:

Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Until next time my pretties!~VoyagerG

The Bear review article. (VoyagerG)

Posted by KC on November 12, 2010 at 6:58 PM Comments comments (0)

The article posted gives us a little insight into what Jon did to prepare for the role of Pat Trammell in the the 1984 movie 'The Bear.' In one instance he visited the family of the late football player and talked to his son. It just shows you how focused Jon was on making sure he portrayed the star Quarterback right.

Real Photo of Pat. I think they at least did a tremendous job in casting Jon for the part-very good likeness!

Jon was so excited about being in a feature film that aside from buzzing that great head of dark blonde  hair, he did a lot of touring and promotion for it. The sad part of it is he was really looking forward to doing a poignant death scene with lead actor Gary Busey. Pat Trammell sadly died in 1968. At the young age of 28 he had testicular cancer, and he died only two years after earning his MD degree. He had a wife and two children.

Unbelievably, the scenes were cut out of the film, and they were most likely destroyed.

'The Bear' was yanked from the theaters by the family of Coach Bryant after a meager 40-day run starting from September 28th, 1984. It has still never seen an official video or DVD release. Many fans often buy copied versions, often just to see Jon's scenes. Without that cut death scene, Jon's part amounts to less then ten minutes. Not quite the auspicious debut he probably envisioned. He was alive to see the premiere and according to the director, actors don't get told in advance if their parts are on the cutting room floor or not.

I can only imagine how Jon felt when he saw it. :( That's Hollywood for you. Maybe one day the film will be released completely intact.  The silent film cult classic, 'Metropolis' was recently restored again because they found excellent, key footage that was missing for 80 years in an archive museum in Argentina! You just never know…

Some words from the director Richard Sarafian about Jon-Erik: (Taken from a special interview in 'The Hex-Nut' (A defunct Jon-Erik fanzine produced by the JEHFC) from the Spring of 2002 and was conducted by George W. Startz.)

"He was totally professional, very gifted, sensitive. My feeling was that I was fortunate to have met him."

"i wish we had spent more time together because you really don't have that much time off the set. He was able to do his job, he was very conscientious. He had a quality that went beyond just being cosmetically perfect. He was able to internalize scenes, and i really saw he had potential for a big future."

 The movie is long, crammed with characters and a little disjointed. I recommend it only for the major football enthusiast and Gary Busey fan (Admittedly, he does carry it the best he can). A quick funny story~My sister and I (another big Jon-Erik fan) were all geared up to watch it. After the longest hour or so of our lives, scrutinizing every actor there, we finally saw a scene where there was a line-up of the football players. The camera panned across Jon…(and by then we had gravitated toward eating dinner and just periodically checked.)  We both perked up and said "Oh, look he's very cute! But where is Jon?" Well, of course we realized it was him soon after. At the time my renewed fanship of Jon was just taking bloom. Now we would recognize that face anywhere!

I believe having that death scene would have given Jon-Erik a chance to prove his acting chops for the movie-going public and it definitely would have added a little more flavor and drama to the flick. Pat Trammel apparently had a close friendship with Coach Bear Bryant, but you never get the sense of that in the movie.